Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Eagle Cruise -- East Haddam Swing Bridge

I have a lot of pictures of the East Haddam Swing Bridge to show, but I'm holding off until February 12th. That's the day I'm taking a cruise down the river with CT RiverQuest looking for eagles on the nest. It's bird watching, sure, but -- EAGLES! Bald eagles! On the Connecticut River! And it starts right here in East Haddam!

So there's sure to be even cooler pictures of the bridge and the river and the sights around it. I'm writing about bridges I have already been to now -- and I have a lot of great bridges yet to write about, including the extremely historic bridge I cross every day -- but the intention when I started this blog was to go out, photograph a bridge, then come back and share the best of the pictures here, same day. They've just been sitting (until now) in my online photo albums where there's really very little room to write about them.

As much as I love bridges, I love my bicycle and my car as much. I've wanted a Supra for decades. And my bike -- I had a Trek when I lived in California and saved my pennies until I could get one here in Connecticut as well.

Getting my car and/or bike in the picture with the bridge is kind of a thing with me. The Supra against the swing bridge -- I really like this picture.

Anyway, look for more about this bridge -- and any eagles we manage to see -- in February.

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