Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Interactive Connecticut Bridge Map

Struggling with the Google Maps v3 API. I thought I'd just toss (hah!) together a quick web app, using Google Maps, that will show the Connecticut bridges I've gathered through Wikipedia, the CT Historic Highway Bridges site, and my own explorations.

The left side marks the Connecticut bridges I have yet to photograph; right side, the ones I have. This isn't to say that all the bridges on the left side are worth photographing, but if I am in the area, I want to make sure I get the lesser bridges as long as I am there. Right?

Yesterday I missed several on the way to Stevenson Dam Bridge and the Derby-Shelton Bridge. I'm not sure any of them are worth going back for (I like the really big bridges), but... I'd have stopped to get a phone camera shot, anyway.

This is a LOT faster to update than the drawn map I was keeping in Inkscape. More accurate, too. It's built on high precision GPS coordinates so that I can just get directions on my phone without having to print out the directions all the time. Especially handy on a bicycle.

Yet to come: the bridges in New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts that are within easy photographing range.

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