Saturday, February 25, 2012

Memorial Bridge, Springfield-West Springfield, MA


A couple months ago, I photographed some bridges up in Holyoke. On the way back, I thought I'd get some pictures of the South End/Buxton Bridge, a bridge I'd never photographed before. I was snapping shots along the way and as I got to the far end of the bridge, saw that I could get a good bit of the Memorial Bridge in the shot. I fell in love with that sky and promised myself I'd go back after I got my new camera.

The shot above was taken with my old camera, the Canon G12.

Today was supposed to be clear, but instead was cloudy and windy. I hoped for as good a picture as the top one. The sky grew more overcast as I drove north (Springfield isn't that far away, but apparently far enough). When I got to Springfield, there were even flurries in the air. The puffy clouds were gone.

Still, I'd driven all that way. I parked in the Pynchon Point parking lot in Agawam, took some pics of the Buxton Bridge from the ground, climbed to bridge level and walked to where I'd taken the first picture. It took a few minutes to get the tripod and camera set up -- and then the clouds to the south broke, illuminating Springfield and the Memorial Bridge.

I got the shot.

This is the point where the Westfield River flows into the Connecticut River. I wrote about the Great River Bridges a couple of days ago -- they cross the Westfield River in Westfield.

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