Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bulkeley Bridge & the Elephant, Hartford, CT

What IS that?
I keep mentioning the Bulkeley Bridge but haven't posted any pictures of it because there's more pictures I want to take before I do a "real" post. But there it is in the picture above. Cross it every day. I am blessed.

I took that picture about a year ago on my phone. Last year was really snowy and a lot colder -- the river is frozen over in this picture -- but this one day, it was warm, in the 40s, so I got on the bike and came to work through the snow and slush.

I stopped by Riverside Park to get some pictures of the frozen river and Founders Bridge and Bulkeley Bridge. On my way to the Bulkeley Bridge, I passed this sculpture. I was totally intrigued by it. I have NO IDEA what it is. It's unsigned, untitled, a total mystery. It's not on the website for the park. I see it in the background of other people's photos so I know it's been there for a few years...

When spring came, I took another picture of it, with my bike.

I took to visiting it through the year.

Whenever I felt stressed out, I'd stop by Elephant (as I named it).

So if you know anything about this sculpture, let me know?

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