Friday, February 10, 2012

Edgewood Ave Bridge, New Haven, CT

The weekend for my Connecticut River Cruise / Bald Eagle (photo) shoot / East Haddam Bridge Re-visit finally arrives and the climate remembers it's supposed to be winter. They've cancelled the morning cruises Saturday and Sunday, and the later cruises on those days are "watch this space!". I won't know if Sunday is a go until Sunday morning.

Anyway. Last weekend's third stop after Bridgeport and Stratford was friendly old New Haven, just three quarters of an hour south. New Haven provides a calm harbor for shipping where the Quinnipiac River flows into Long Island Sound. New Haven is also home to Yale University, which today's bridge is kinda near. Well, honestly, anywhere in New Haven is kinda close to Yale. Its tendrils reach throughout the city.

The Edgewood Bridge crosses the West River in the center of Edgewood Park (just head down Yale Boulevard; you'll find it; it's near the Yale Bowl). It's made of steel-reinforced concrete. Special care was taken with the molded balustrades and other ornamentation to make the Edgewood Bridge truly spectacular. With the ornate railings above, and the road/jogging path running through the arches below, this is a bridge truly meant to be seen and appreciated.

You can park along the street. Access to the path and river is via staircases at all four corners of the bridge. Edgewood Park is a really, really nice place, and I can just imagine how wonderful it will look in season. Come for the park, definitely, but go by the bridge while you're there.

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