Monday, February 6, 2012

The Bridges of Bridgeport: Congress Street Bridge, et al

With a city named "Bridgeport", how could a bridge hunter go wrong? It was the Congress Street Bridge that made the list of historical bridges -- you can see it blurrily in the background there -- but the city is known for its large number of bridges.

Well, the Congress Street Bridge is closed. The movable bit -- the bascule -- is removed, and the bridge is all blocked off.

Here's a picture of the other side of the Congress Street Bridge. It's a nice enough bridge. It was frozen in the upright position, and I was hoping to get a shot of that. But they were gone, and what's left is nothing worth a trip.

Turning to the other direction is a nice lift bridge. It carries the Amtrak tracks over the Pequonnock River.

There's another lift bridge around the bend in the river that carries pedestrian and auto traffic across the river, and finally, the biggest bridge of all...

The I-95 bridge over the river. It continues south along the coast to New York City, and east toward the mouths of the Housatonic, Quinnipiac, Connecticut and Mystic rivers -- each of which bear prettier bridges.

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