Saturday, June 23, 2012

Train Bridge, Depot Street, Manchester, CT

Train crossing Adams St
Sure, it's not much of a bridge, but it took awhile to get the picture. This bridge is fairly near my house, and the tracks parallels my ride home. Sometimes I meet the train along the way, but always I'm behind it. If I could only get ahead of the train...

I heard the distant sounding of the train horn this morning... I'd only have a few minutes. I grabbed my iPhone and my bike and got to the bridge just before the train.

So; not much of a bridge, but it's a picture I really wanted, anyway.


  1. Nice catch - and nice to see an old GE B engine! That is the Connecticut Southern 8511...

    1. Oh wow, very cool! I better be careful, or I'll start hunting down trains, too :)