Saturday, March 3, 2012

Town Bridge, Canton, CT

Town Bridge
This bridge was totally off my radar -- not surprising, since it's more than a little off the beaten path. I found word of it entirely by accident while reading another bridge blog (yes, there's more than just this one). The author of that blog was stunned by the historical importance of the bridge. It's a truss bridge constructed by the famous Berlin Iron Bridge Company which made dozens of bridges in the 19th century around Connecticut and elsewhere in the Northeast. He also got a much nicer picture of the bridge than I did.

Not making excuses. It snowed recently, and I thought it would make a nice picture. I took my chances on a rainy day. What the heck, it was a nice drive through foggy mountain passes.

The real star here is the Farmington River. The river is a recreation center in Hartford County; a long system of well-maintained trails and paved paths follows the river through some of the most beautiful scenery in New England. Not far from the Town Bridge is a huge parking lot that forms the springboard for boating, bicycling, hiking and fishing. The parking lot on even a rainy late winter day was far from empty.

We Yankees love the outdoors. When you live someplace like Connecticut, who can blame us?

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